Above ground pool filter hook up, connecting the skimmer

  1. Now we did call someone and they told us our hoses were on backward so we fixed that but it is still running water out what do we do?
  2. Inlet valve is plastic hose is plastic and seems vibration of water running back into pool makes is fall off.
  3. The theory is that the drains are to far apart for on person to block so the suction would just redirect to the unblocked drain.

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That stuff is heavier than water. Dig the trench Measure in from the pool track or wall in three different places to determine the center of the pool. You will want to take one end of the pool hose and connect it to the return fitting on the pool wall.

How to Hook Up a Sand Filter Pump to an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Our pool installer was horrible so I want to do this myself. You can look it up though. Never in when the pool is in use. Make sure to tighten all hose clamps on the inlet and the outlet of the swimming pool Chlorine feeder as well.

How To Hook Up An Above Ground Pool Filter System

Main Drains (They re Not Just for In-grounds)

Add a diverter valve to the hose end inside the skimmer if you want some skim action at the same time. The only thing left to do is pray you have glued everything right. You will need to take one end of your hose and connect it to the bottom of the skimmer that is on the pool wall.

How to Hook Up an Above Ground Pool Vacuum

How To Hook Up An Above Ground Pool Filter System
How to Hook Up a Swimming Pool Filter

Connecting the skimmer

Installing a Main Drain As stated above, installing a main drain in an above ground pool on your own may not be the best idea as it takes some doing. When you can see the screw holes, take the main drain ring and gasket and carefully screw the ring down onto the main drain. Any Ideas on how to fix this with out draining pool? Everybody always thinks their pool is leaking at the main drain. It does take more than a screwdriver and duct tape to install one, so unless you have some plumbing knowledge, you do-it-yourselfers should maybe leave installing one to the pool installer.

Installing a Main Drain

Many above ground pools have in line pool chlorine feeders like the one pictured above. They came with them to keep the cost down and who cared anyway. When I went to tighten down the ring one of the screws would not hold tight and the ring broke. Silicone in the bottom threaded plug and silicone the threaded male to slip fitting and glue a full piece of pipe to it.

Make sure you are not leaking after that valve. Set the main drain Place the main drain with its attached pipe in place. And the pool drained almost completely. Maybe you have a train that goes through your yard? Same goes for any foam product you use for the floor.

Any chance the line froze over the winter? Unless you are planning on having a fast wading competition. You can glue it vertically or for a nicer look, matchmaking glue it horizontally. It comes with two main drains but I am concerned as we will constantly be standing on them or walking over them. Maybe you could write subsequent articles regarding this article.

Pool is full but losing water. Most ovals have straps that run under them so installing a main drain in the middle is not an option. And how can it lose its seal?

Connecting the pool return

Now, just about all the middle-of-the-road and higher end above grounds will have more than big enough pumps and filters and they are built to last many years. This is our first year with an above ground pool we set the Hayward pump up and when we turn it on to filter the water comesnout of the waste. After blowing the line out for the winter, my above ground pool started losing water. You will now want to get another pool hose just like the one that you used to hook up the pool pump to the skimmer and also put hose clamps on each end of this pool hose.

Fortunately for all of us, above ground swimming pools now mostly come with decent equipment at least. Make sure to also tighten these hose clamps. You are one of the few that gives great detail about installation. What about the rest of the water in the pool especially the water at the bottom? The duct tape should be one uniform layer.

  • You could get and use an automatic pool cleaner, add a return line or two, or you could have a center bottom main drain.
  • The only thing that has stopped the loss of water was to close off the drains.
  • Some times auto cleaners will get caught on main drains so that may be an issue.
  • Another thing you can do to keep the leaves, insects and other debris out of your pool, is you can go and purchase a pool cover.
  • You may be able to keep the main drain line closed until the weather warms by only using the skimmer intake line for the open spring season.
How to Hook Up an Above Ground Pool Vacuum

So does that mean I should keep both ball values open when in normal filter mode? No water loss since we closed them. And now since you have time, do a Google search on groundwater table. Any suggestions on this concern?

Doing this will completely cover the inside of the drain and its screw holes. Your email address will not be published. There will be several things that you will need to connect to get your above ground swimming pool filter set up and running for the pool season. You made some great suggestions.

We still have the main drain in the pool. You will first need to locate all the parts that were put away when you closed your swimming pool. It will not but you have the cut a hole in the liner pad around the drain before you install the liner. My preference is to open it from the outside and then connect the hose to drain the water properly.

Additional mention, we were planning to get one of those pool robots to clean the pool, if that makes a difference at all. We have to change the liner anyway add some more sand so now is the time. As stated above, installing a main drain in an above ground pool on your own may not be the best idea as it takes some doing. After I vacuumed all that out, easy dating I discovered the main drain was capped from the outside I can see the square inside of the round pvc cap. The pump basket will have to be cleaned more often.

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Let the pool fill at least a few inches or more. So, my guess is that this was only installed for the hydrostatic releif valve capability, and not as a functioning main drain going back to the filter there is also no diverter valve to do so. There is no water currently attached to the pool the filter and pump are not hooked up as well. These openings are where the pump and filter hook up to the pool and they are both located high up and right next to each other.

My solution in leu of cutting on in and having to drain the pool was to make a bottom drain on top of the liner. Now that the season is over the water is very cold. You will now want to take the other end of the pool hose and connect it to the front of the swimming pool pump. Measure in from the pool track or wall in three different places to determine the center of the pool. Your Chlorine feeder will either hook up with hoses or it can be also hard piped into the top of the pool filter.

Main Drains in Above Ground Pools

How to Hook Up a Sand Filter Pump to an Above Ground Swimming Pool

There are three ways an above ground pool can get better circulation. Glue in one of the ball valves to the pipe that is now coming from your main drain. First off, how can the screws be getting loose?

Now continue piping your line beyond the valve that you have just installed and head towards the pump. Sand filters are some of the most popular previously mentioned ground pool filters and pumps that are available in the marketplace. In order to connect the skimmer to the pump you will need to take one of the pool hose and put a hose clamp on each end. For those who owe a backyard swimming pool, pool maintenance is their primary concern.

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